Empathic Feedback

Friday, September 18, 2020
03:00 pm
Friday, October 02, 2020
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4:30 pm
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4.5 hours
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Business / Workplace
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Feedback is the life of organisations. It keeps them learning, adaptable and nimble. A system that does not allow for free and easy information flow cannot grow and evolve with changing outside conditions.
Learn to create a culture of feedback in your organisation. Acquire the skills of empathic and highly effective feedback.
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Preview session: Fri 11th Sept. 15:00-16:30 BST. Information here

Este curso está disponible en espa?ol. Escríbeme para más información. 


Empathic feedback seeks to support people to see themselves in a new light and to be able to grow, both as part of their personal development project as well as to better meet the goals of their team and the mission of the organisation. An empathic and partnership approach to offering feedback allows us to be able to be more honest while taking care of people. 


In this course, I will present the NVC approach to feedback giving and receiving, and support you in creating a feedback culture within your organisation. 


Course content

  • What is feedback (and what is not feedback)

  • The process of empathic feedback: a map for you to follow, including when, how.

  • What strategies foster connection and alignment to the feedback

  • What is empathy and how it helps in the workplace, especially to enhance feedback

  • Mindset changes that allow for the creation of a culture of feedback

  • How power dynamics affect feedback


My Teaching Style


This course has a component of presentation with slides, where I will share concepts of Nonviolent Communication as they apply to feedback. It is also very participatory in nature and I will offer many opportunities to practice amongst group participants in small groups. I will model feedback situations as well as coach a few situations. The calls will be recorded and you can watch/listen to them at any time, even if you cannot make the live calls. 


Calls will be recorded and you will get the recordings as well as reading and practice materials. Hope to see you there! 


This course is available in Spanish. Please write me to enquire.