Holding the Whole of Life with NVC - 7-day Retreat

Saturday, September 05, 2020
04:00 pm
Saturday, September 12, 2020
End Time
2:00 pm
Number of sessions/meetings
7 Days
In person

Hayfork, CA 96041

Main Topic
Inner Work / Spirituality of NVC
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Retreat Highlights

The learning will happen in an open-air hall amidst hummingbirds and forest ecology. We will learn with and from each other, while in communion with the Silver Springs mountain and forest.

Participants will be given the opportunity to explore live situations emerging from their own personal experiences and receive coaching on how to embody a fully present response to the situation while clarifying and implementing the use of Nonviolent Communication principals. The sessions will combine, large and small groups, and live exploration on how to integrate NVC within the retreat community in response to what arises in the field.
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[email protected]
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?(530) 218-1290

What You Will Learn:? ?
Love Thyself - Honoring the Life Within

  • Reclaiming innocence:?Reconnecting with trust in our intention to meet our human needs, the best way we know how to, under all circumstances.
  • Reclaiming Joy:?Reconnecting with our innate state of play; the freedom to follow, with aliveness and creativity, our inner curiosity and what most excites our spirits.
  • Reclaiming Truth:?Reconnecting with our authentic experience in every given moment, and aligning how we show up with our inner reality.
  • Reclaiming Freedom:?Reconnecting with our inner authority, our innate freedom to make autonomous choices, based on our needs, values, purpose and care for the whole.
  • Reclaiming Vulnerability:?Embracing our needs while accepting not having power over what happens in life. Trusting our mattering, while letting go of whether and how we will be received.
  • Reclaiming Interdependence:?Reconnecting with our trust in being cared for by others, and in the sufficiency of resources to care for the whole of life. Accessing our natural joy of giving and being of service to others and life.

Love Thy Neighbor - Honoring the Life in Others

  • Prioritizing connection in how we respond - by choosing empathy as a core response.?
  • Speaking our truth without blaming, shaming, threatening or guilt tripping (taking 100% responsibility for our experience).?
  • Explicitly owning our perceptions, interpretations and evaluations when speaking.
  • Maintaining and cultivating togetherness by constantly checking for the impact?of our words and actions.
  • Consciously choosing to hear, the 'please' behind every demand/threat, the vulnerability behind every judgment, and the unspoken feelings, needs and requests in people's expressions.
  • Reclaiming our natural generosity by cultivating an inner 'Yes!' towards people and life.
  • Honoring our 'No'? while opening our hearts to the impact on others.?
  • Holding other's choice, even when they don't seem to be able to hold it themselves (especially when there are power differences).
  • Including others in decisions that are affecting them.
  • Attending to the gap between our intention and the effect on others.
  • Explicitly expressing our mourning to others when we contribute to a difficult impact and taking action to repair trust.
  • Cultivating awareness about social dynamics of inclusion and using our power to support those?with less access to power and resources.?

We will practice implementing these skills in all human contexts brought up by participants (individual, interpersonal, organizational, etc)