CNVC's International Intensive Training

IITs in 2020

This message is CNVC's response to the current global outbreak of COVID-19 and its effect on IITs. 

As little as a few days ago, we were hopeful that we could collaborate with each IIT organizing team to monitor the situation and make decisions on a case by case basis. On Wednesday, as events unfolded rapidly around the world, the Board and Staff had an emergency meeting to talk about our responsibility as Global Citizens playing our part in this crisis.

With a heavy heart, we decided that all IITs in 2020 are to be postponed until further notice. We consider this to be a responsible contribution to humanity in preventing the spread of the virus.

Another big part of our decision was the realization that even if travel bans, lock-downs and orders of isolation are lifted in the next six months, it will take time for individuals and organizations to recover from the economical and physical impact on their communities. Then we must all discover how the new 'normal' will impact future travel and events. 

The CNVC staff team along with the Board is carefully considering the measures needed to weather the direct impact to CNVC. We are optimistic that we can cut our cloth according to the circumstances as we find ourselves tightening our belts.

In the coming week or so, as we drill down into the details, we will be communicating with venues and participants about the next steps.

Your patience, care and understanding are much appreciated.

We are all in this together, needing empathy and support from each other. We trust that we will learn from this and be better equipped to meet our next challenge.


The following IITs are postponed (we are in different stages of finding new dates):


Brazil NEW DATES on July 18, 2021


Ireland, Dublin

USA - California (Los Angeles) 


Future IITs include: New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Italy, Finland, and more

What is an IIT?

An International Intensive Training, or IIT, is a special kind of 'immersive experience' developed by Marshall Rosenberg, uniquely offered through the Center for Nonviolent Communication as part of his legacy. It is a 9-day, residential workshop in Nonviolent Communication, typically including 40 to 70 participants with 3 to 5 CNVC Certified Trainers.

The IITs are organized in collaboration with a local organizer/host group or individual who organizes the residential venue and meals for the period. The costs vary with each IIT, as they each depend on the costs of available appropriate venues in the location of the event. IITs have been held all over the world; Sri Lanka, Canada, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, the United States of America, Hungary, and Argentina, are only some of the countries that have hosted IITs.

The participants and trainers live, eat, play, and learn together in community during the training, providing real-life opportunities to live Nonviolent Communication over an extended period of time. Participants develop Nonviolent Communication skills and consciousness with the guidance and support of the Certified Trainer team. For frequently asked questions, visit our IIT FAQ page.

Preparing to attend an IIT

Before attending an IIT, we recommend you have at least a basic introduction to NVC and have read Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. If it is difficult for you to find access to NVC training, in addition to reading the book, we suggest you listen to the Nonviolent Communication Training Course Kit. These materials and others are available in the CNVC Bookstore.

In addition, you will find information specific to each IIT in the registration material, which may include travel information, inoculations, and what passport and visa information you may need to consider if traveling outside your home country.

IIT Schedule

Upcoming IIT Events are listed in the Training Events search pages, and each confirmed event has a link to full details and registration on our CVENT account.

All IIT registrations are done online, through our CVENT account. To get full details and to register, follow the link available on the 'Upcoming IITs' listings in the sidebar of this page.

IITs are offered in whichever languages are being organized for that event. This depends on the location and the local organizer's primary language. Any need to provide interpretation may be met where appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact IIT administration directly at Tel: +1.505.244.4041 or IIT administration at [email protected].

Please note: More IITs are always in the works, so please check back soon, or sign up to be notified via email!

And furthermore:

You can be instrumental in making an IIT happen in your own community, too! If you are:

  • an organizer or event planner
  • a representative of an organization
  • a trainer
  • a translator
  • a venue

and you wish to offer your services, you can initiate the planning of an IIT in your area. Please send us your request with specific information by email to the IIT Coordinator.

For potential Certification Candidates, please note the change in language regarding IITs and Certification. In an effort to support clarity and easy access to information, here is the updated language:

We strongly recommend that certification candidates attend an IIT before becoming certified, but we are no longer in integrity with having a "requirement" as stated in the Certification Process Packet. We have substituted the following requests for any candidate who does not attend an IIT before becoming certified. Please: 

  • complete a multi-day, in-depth, residential training 
  • demonstrate some International NVC experience 
  • fully experience these areas: NVC community (ongoing peer support), spirituality, and social change 
  • some significant NVC experience with multiple CNVC certified trainers and mentors 
  • establish a connection to CNVC, have a clear priority to support CNVC's mission, being willing and able to renew annual certification.

If a candidate has not participated in a CNVC International Intensive Training event before certification, she or he pays for the first IIT attended as a certified trainer.